tTorrent v1.8.9

Do not use _ in place of some characters in file names if the filesystem supports them.
Remember selected filter on status screen.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.8

Add metadata only checkbox to the new add magnet link dialog.
Fixed paused torrents without metadata start downloading on restart.
Fixed split screen crashes.
Fixed setting save path in add magnet dialog.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.7.1

Fixed some issues in new Add Magnet dialog.

tTorrent v1.8.7

Fixed adding torrents on web interface below Android 11.
Removed displaying toasts when torrents added.
Add magnet link dialog with file selection.
Show notification for new RSS items if app not running.
Update to libtorrent 1.2.19.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.6

Dark mode for web interface.
Update target SDK to Android 13 to meet Play store requirements, add POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.5.2

Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.5.1

Fix no such file or directory errors with target folders below the root level.

tTorrent v1.8.5

Optional active downloading/uploading filter, see Settings/Interface.
Option to save data initially to private files folder.
Enabled IPv6 support.
Check if the app is ExternalStorageManager.
Fix no such file or directory errors with file names having “+” or “&”.
Update to libtorrent 1.2.18.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.4

New Add torrent(s) option from Android 11 on the status screen.
Fixed Export/Import feeds.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.3

Fixed ip filter loading.
Update to libtorrent 1.2.17 and openssl 1.1.1q.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.2

New blocklist url:
RSS feed handling performance improvements.
Fix torrent name/tracker info lost when closing session with torrents without metadata.
Hide undefined values on details info view.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.1

Improved scoped storage support.
Fix some ANRs and crashes.
Update to OpenSSL to 1.1.1m.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.8.0

Support scoped storage from Android 11. The built in filebrowser is not available from Android 11.
Wifi SSID whitelist is not supported from Android 10 because of permission requirements.
Fix https trackers.
Update to libtorrent 1.2.15.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.7.2

Update notification when shutting down.
Fix pieces view rendering.
Fix sorting by ratio.
Sort torrents on web interface based on the sorting settings in the app.
Fix displaying remove menu on some devices.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.7.1

Lowered minsdk to 16 for ad free, and 19 for the lite version.
Fixed speed/free space indicator update when no torrent is running.
Fixed moving between different volumes.
New option: Proxy tracker connections.
Update openssl to 1.1.1i.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.7.0

Start when added option. Default can be changed in Settings/Limits.
Update target SDK to Android 10 to meet Play store requirements.
Start when added option.
See Settings/Limits for the default.
Update to libtorrent-1.2. The country flags were removed from the peers view.
Hide comments section if missing when adding torrent files.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.6.8

The former search screen is available as separate app, see for details.
Add Time active information to details screen.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.6.4

Display the number of connected and total seeds/peers.
Fixed some ANRs.
Update jQuery version used on web interface.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.6.3

Add coarse location permission request when using the wifi whitelist from Android 8.1.
Fixed scheduler.
Fixed downloading new RSS items when the app is not running.
Update openssl to 1.1.0k.
Add support for 64 bit architectures.
Updated translations.

Please note: the coarse location permission is only needed if you want to use the WiFi white list feature from Android 8.0. You will be prompted when it is really needed, you can keep it off otherwise.

tTorrent v1.6.2

Added don’t count slow torrents option.
Moved max active seeds/downloads under limits in settings.
Sort files by name on file priorities screen.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.6.1

Fix problem when torrents disappear when re-opening tTorrent.
Disabled fancy transition to details screen, caused random freezes.
Fix some FCs.

tTorrent v1.6.0

Added file priorities screen to ease prioritizing files. Do a long tap on the file/folder to choose between 0..3.
Option to prioritize files later when adding a magnet link.
Updated look for filebrowser.
Fix bug on tablets going into background when torrent deleted.
The unlock option in the Lite version is now under Settings/About.
File sizes are visible in the filebrowser, and when selecting/prioritizing files of a torrent.
Fixed periodic RSS updates.
Order torrents based on progress in the notification.
Updated to libtorrent 1.1.12.

tTorrent v1.6.5

File priorities: Show popup above checkbox if would be out of screen.
Added sequential download by default option in Settings/Limits.
Updated translations.