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tTorrent v1.6.0

April 8, 2019

Added file priorities screen to ease prioritizing files. Do a long tap on the file/folder to choose between 0..3.
Option to prioritize files later when adding a magnet link.
Updated look for filebrowser.
Fix bug on tablets going into background when torrent deleted.
The unlock option in the Lite version is now under Settings/About.
File sizes are visible in the filebrowser, and when selecting/prioritizing files of a torrent.
Fixed periodic RSS updates.
Order torrents based on progress in the notification.
Updated to libtorrent 1.1.12.

tTorrent v1.5.16

December 23, 2018

Fixed ip filter downloading.
Fixed downloading rss feeds through http.
From Android Oreo the ongoing notification cannot be disabled, otherwise the system may kill the app.
Fixed parsing magnet links with size information.
Added adaptive launcher icon.(supported from Android Oreo)

tTorrent v1.5.13 – delete torrent crash fixed

May 28, 2018

Fixed crash when removing/deleting torrents.
Updated Privacy Policy, added GDPR consent dialog because of the ads.
Improved crash reporting.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v0.7.0

February 27, 2011

  File selection support in torrent files.
  Added context menu option to pause torrents.
  Downloaded media is added to the device’s media library.
  Fixed free space issue on devices with 2 sdcard.

Lost serial emails

January 18, 2011

Note for the customers paying with paypal:
If you do not receive the serial number in 10 minutes, drop me a mail.
I am trying to fix this.
I hope it is fixed now.
Please check your spam folder, on some accounts the serial email is marked as spam.
If you did not received the serial, please write me a mail with your paypal
email address, Thanks!

tTorrent 0.5.3

December 25, 2010

    Fixed the search works only once bug, which was introduced in the previous update.

    Fixed add torrent bug(crash when the torrent directory was not present before download)

tTorrent 0.5.1

December 23, 2010

tTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Android based devices.

– multiple torrent downloading, queuing
– search for torrents
– Wifi only mode
– able to limit Upload/Download speed
– web browser integration
– trackerless torrent (DHT) support

The lite version is ad supported, and the maximum donwload limit is 100kB/s.
The full version has no ads, and no download limit.
You can download the lite version from Android Market, SlideMe or AndAppStore. The full version is only available on SlideME.

    Fixed Wifi only mode.
    Fixed torrent status updating if paused.

    First Release