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Instructions for existing SlideME costumers

January 17, 2011

If you downloaded tTorrent Full from SlideME, please do the following to upgrade it to the new license scheme without any additional cost.
Please write me an email with your tTorrent Full key, which you have received from SlideME when purchasing the app(If you have deleted this email, i need the purchase date, and your SlideME account name), and provide me your Wifi Mac address(from version 0.6.3 this is preferred) or Android ID(use app named “Android Device ID”). Check the device id carefully, because the serial won’t work, if you make a typo here.
If I get these, then I will provide you with a serial number to unlock the new version of tTorrent.
Download the new free version from SlideME, and unlock it with your serial.