tTorrent v1.1.3


  The info hash is selectable on details.
  Improved filebrowser. Copy, move files.
  Downloaded torrent files are deleted if they are not added.
  Updated translations.

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Can I change my door to see if it finds more download speed?or have pradrao door?For I am ccom 1 mega internet. more tabaixando in 10kb.tells me sets. meelhor for jailton.jailma @

Add peers manually .Normally i get 124 Kbps of speed (1mbps).But if the torrent is popular i get 1.8 Mbps (14.4 mbps) downlaod form a btcache with ip in my desktop utorrent client.But i can't seem to be able to connect to btcache client by ttorrent automatically . So i wish to add the ip manually

App is now asking me to install a third party search engine. Sounds very dodgy to me.

Way to slow and says checking queue,the last 2 update was perfect-ran great!!! I'm afraid to d-load any new updates for fear of making it worse!!!! Plz fix

Keeps saying corrupt and can't download

im having problems with the data files in ttorrent…i go to delete them and it just crashes and restarts the program, without deleting the torrent file…this is a pain since if i cannot complete one i would rather get rid of it…any idea how to fix this? i have tried deleting it from windows also by connecting phone as external drive…i change the file properties from read only to enable deletion and it still doesnt work…this is really getting old…

i meant to say i cant delete the data…no matter how i try to…it crashes the program and restarts it…and external deletion doesnt work either…

Im using ttorrent in my sony xperia l ,it has two storages 1 is sd card in which I can read and write files and another is phone memory in which I can only install apps While downloading a torrent file by ttorrent in my phones sd card memory,it start filing my phone memory from nowhere until its full so it is a big problem for me so please help me