tTorrent v1.0.5


  Upload and ratio statistics are saved now.
  Fixed possible crash at startup.
  Ignore battery limit setting when charged.
  Fixed bug with pause/resume button on details screen.

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Im not the only one with new downloading problems. Everything from uploading more than downloading. ..and stuck at zero, to only a tiny tiny bit more even on wifi, im not complaining .. I love this app. I just need it to work ..

Hi, when the device switch off and then restart, the file, that I' ve downloaded entirely, begins again to download from 70-80%… why?

Have you downloaded a whole torrent, or you have selected some files? And have you shutdown the app properly before switched off the device?

Downloads / uploads now scream subsequent last pair of updates. Very satisfied with purchase. For PC I'm still hooked on torrent, but for tablets ttorrent crushes competition.

After I downloaded the movie and played it, it says it can not read the license and will not play.What should I do??Reply

When I try and download a movie the download speed goes up n the eta is afew hours which is fine but after afew second the speed rapidly goes down and the eta disapears, any idea why this is happening?

Do you have enough space on your sdcard?And on some filesystem it takes some time to allocate big files, but after they are allocated, everything should be back to normal.

Over 4gb, what's filesystem?

It determines how the files are stored on your sdcard/disk. More detailed:

How can i schedule my downloads?, because i want my first download to be finish first and for the second to automatically resume once my first download is done.

This is the default behavior, the max active downloads is set to 1. If you add more torrents, they will be scheduled, and resumed if the one on the top is finished.

ok sir, thnx, dont know much about torrent.

Please could you allow the upload and download speed to be changed for custom values? For some torrents with low seeds,the uploaded data is more than the downloaded data, Also option to prioritize torrents by high,normal,low would be nice will be nice,

This version was much faster then newest. Can i get this one's apk?