tTorrent v1.0.3



  Fixed, added BitSnoop to the search plugin.
  Added scan for new torrents feature. Useful if you want to add torrents remotely, for example through ftp.
  Now it is easier to go upwards in the directory tree in the folder picker dialog.
  Keywords for RSS feeds. Only matching items will be downloaded automatically.
  Upload limit value does not have any effect now on download speed.
  Arabic and Estonian localization.

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It would be nice to have some wiki explaning how to use the "Keywords for RSS feeds".does it support wildcards?great job on this soft, pro version is well worth it.

Sorry, no wildcards are supported. It simply checks the name of the torrent for the given keywords, and if all are there, it downloads the torrent, but only if automatic downloading is switched on with the specific feed.

whats up i get this error code( when i go to download a torrent from Any Answers?

me too. help please, I'm losing it.

this version is not working on my MIPS based tablet. It crashes as sooon as launched. Please fix the bug or tell me where to download the 1.0.0.

What pro version? I click on Get Pro and it takes me to Google Play and immediately says product not found…

Please wait a few hours, it will be available again soon.

i get the above error when trying to download new torrents and cannot get any connection for my existing ones. recently changed sim and installed new config settings, but can surf fine. pls help

On my tablet, the shutdown option is missing (it is there on the phone).How do I shutdown on tablet? Tried the shutdown when complete as a work around but it didn't shutdown either.

Hello, may I ask what happen to isohunt? it is not working anymore, is it undergoing technical repair or something.

Hello! Feature with monitoring folder do not work for me. How can I help you with debugging?

Please contact me on the email you can find in the app, thanks.

Hello, how can I change the language of the program?

You cannot change the language of the app. If you change the language of your device, the app will be shown in that one, if it is available.

Where can I find a torrent to download movies