tTorrent v0.9.8


  Improved file selection while downloading. Now it is possible to include/exclude whole directories.
  x86 and MIPS versions.
  Fixed search on
  Fixed btguard support.
  Adjusted menu structure for ICS.
  Spanish and Greek localization.

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There is a bug. I try to download a 1.1Gb file to /sdcard and it complains that there isn't enough space left, even though I have about 12GB of space left.

Device,archos g9 250gb, gets hot while downloading. Warmer when i have more than 1 downloads. Is this archos or ttorrent issue? Seems to me that there are some problems when using hd instead of sd.

I think this is a hw issue, but at least for a specific level it is normal if the device is warmer under load. Are there other problems when using hd?

I just bought a new phone, but I bought the pro version before January. Any way I can get the code to upgrade?

Just drop a mail with your new Wifi Mac to the email address in the help.

I am having a terrible time with this app.. Its capping the download speeds to bytes a second and It will takes weeks to download a single file. I paid for the pro version because it says no caps.. whats going on?

It is not the app, which caps your download speed.It is a problem of your network, or the torrent you are trying to get. Have you tried to enable encryption?

im using eeepad asus transformer and im new to torrent. what kind of player should i download to watch the movies i downloaded from torrent? when i tried to open it, it says not supported, thanks

Try mobo player or mx player.

Hey I am from india I have atiny problemThe download directory in app is not accessibleAnd when I add a torrent file is says wrong path I have hcl me u1 tab with rooted