tTorrent v0.9.6


  Added checkbox to the file list on the details screen to ease selection.
  New alternative ways to add magnet links.(Share link option in the browser, or paste the link to the add magnet link dialog available in the menu)
  Metadata is saved to the target directory now in case of magnet links.
  Fixed bug with RSS updates,old items are deleted.
  Hebrew and Polish localization.

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I have been using your app for months and I really need to donate now. The guilt gets heavier every update 🙂 But just one issue. Is there a donate option ? There has to be one right. I can't find one but maybe there should be one like tip after the amount on the bill and you put the amount right there and then the total amount. Please don't let me disturb you. No reply means I'll pay for the app on Monday. Oh, I also assume that the app rebooting itself now and then is due to the asus task manager after the ICS update. Also no reply means it is.More power to your app.

I can't download. all I get is three torrent sitting there with 0.0 please help.

Since ICS update, the app has begun rebooting itself every 40sec – 1min, is there something I can do to amend this as it takes 30sec to re-check the files again so downloading is now at a minimum

My pro version which has been paid for has started to tell me that I need to buy the app.What's up with that?