tTorrent v0.9.5



  Fixed bug: the status list was not refreshing properly.
  Links in torrent comments are clickable now in the add torrent dialog, and on the details screen.
  Finished notifications are not re-raised now after restarting the app with finished torrents.
  Default save path is always present in navigation dropdown in the filebrowser.
  Auto-update of the search plugin, the not working engines will be fixed soon.
  Croatian localization.

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heya just bout your app as was getting tired of usenet errors on my phone, so thought i try this and alot better to atorrent i found from buying both of them.i like know how do we know what future bits will be added or develop for your app.and also is there way can limit my upload more as 50 chokes my line but 20 lowers my download from full :(kinda need a inbetweenloving the app though is fantastic

I would like to know how I get the pro version from 3D magic cause I bought the pro version from Tagsoft a long time ago and now my pro version will not allow me to download more than 130kb/s. I've sent emails to both tagsoft and magic and have not receiveda response.

@eriknors: Hi, I haven't received your mail, but you should try to enable encryption in the network settings, it may help. The limit of 130kb/s is not because of the app, even the Lite version downloads at 250kb/s.

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How may we alter file download priority within a torrent? I'd like so set some files to high priority and other files not to download at all.

You can change file priority on the details screen by changing the number of stars. 0 means do not download.

How do I get sound on my downloads using Acer Iconia A200?

Probably your video player does not support the files you got, try mobo player or MX player.

I was wondering if you recommend using one of the search engines in specific or if it even made a difference in the long run

hi, id like to know whats the max file size that can i download?

Hi. I was trying to download directly to my external sd card, however, I noticed that there is no progress on my download at all. Is there any configurations that I must do in order to download files directly to my external sd card?

Hi, I download the app and then the torrents but I don't know how to play them, help me please thanks..

I found the torrents thanks…:P

I found the torrents thanks…:P

Please tell me how. I'm having the same issue

How do I know that I'm not downloading something that isn't in my language??