tTorrent v0.9.3


  Fixed search on Kickasstorrents, removed not working search providers.
  Localized to French.
  Proxy(SOCKS and HTTP) support.
  DHT can be disabled.
  Auto download IP filter from
  Power management(download only when charged, battery limit).

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I bought this program to use the peerblocker like feature. But it is not working. Please, help. Thx.

What is not working exactly? Did you try the automatic filter, or do you have your own?

I do not own a cell phone, and thus cannot subscribe to Google's Android Market. (But I do use an android tablet, w/the free version of ttorrent.)I am glad to pay for this excellent app, but I see no other way to do this, except via the Android Market! FYI: I actually paid for the app when it was available directly from But then the next upgrade required Android Market, thus I was at a complete loss…thanks to the obvious monopoly on your app. I guess they paid you very well, to keep your app unavailable in any other way.

@Zeke: If you have payed previously for the app, you can contact me for an unlock code, you do not have to pay again.

Fantastic. I do have my key # from the original purchase. I really don't mind paying all over again (it's a great app, and the price is low)…I just want to have my ttorrent! Now, allow me to contact you. Again, much thanks.

The search feature is acting up can you take a look at it please. if you have three things downloading it wont let you search for a fourth.

@rmontoya83: Do you get a search provider error?

I bought your app, but it does not work as expected:1) download speed was unlimited in the first day. But now the rate does not rise above 150 kb / s;2) My tablet has been losing Wi-Fi often for a short time when application works;3) The tablet is shutting down when application works (every 20-30 minutes).P.S. When I used lite version I do not have such problems. Android 2.2

Do you use a stock rom or a custom one? And is your tablet overclocked?

I am using standart firmware. No, my tablet isn't overclocked. Tablet is Archos 43IT