tTorrent v0.9.2


  Performance improvements.
  The paid version is available on the Android Market from now.
  Localized strings for German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian.
  Fixed crash when checking details of an entry without metadata.
  Fixed search on The Pirate Bay and

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Does your lite version (or pro) support encryption?

Unfortunately not, the market policy forbids uploading apps with encryption, at least to my understanding.

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For me its "must have" feature (cause of some bizarre filtering scripts on my university network, that limit all unencrypted torrent connections to 5kb/s 😐 ), otherwise your apps are good.

In the coming version proxy(SOCKS or HTTP) support will be available, it might help in your case.

There are lots of apps in the market with encryption, including vpn apps..Just installed, and for some reason it pops up whenever I'm trying to view my data use in the (horrible) Sierra Aircard app. And it seems to be preventing the data usage page from updating :(Screenshot at

Not sure why it said 'unknown' tho, guess it created me a new profile. Maybe someday it'll use g+.. in any case, fixed.