tTorrent Pro available on the Android Market


From v0.9.2 the Pro(former full) version is available on the Android Market, and the PayPal payment is not available anymore. However the previously got serial codes can still be used to unlock the Lite version.

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Is there a way to download a bittorent file to a networkpath in my home network? I would like to use this program as a stand alone portal to download bittorrent files to an external HDD.

Sorry, this is not possible now, no network protocol or folders are supported by the app as save location.Some users are using the app on tablets attaching the externel HDD with usb.

If you include RC4 Encryption, I'll buy it without doubts.

How can I get the app to upload the torrent?

I just loaded a new rom on my phone and had to reinstall tTorrent, now the serial number isn't working. I replied to the email that I was sent the serial from and haven't gotten a reply back yet. Can I get some help?