tTorrent v0.9.1


  Show 0% as progress for files with zero priority in details view.
  Fixed FC when adding new torrents from search results.
  Fixed some other force closes.

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I can't find the option to purchase full version within the app

So whatever I try to dl wont even start this upgarde sucks

If I can't buy it on the market then I simply won't buy it. Using a serial the way you do is just annoying now that Google offers in-app purchases.

Does this app seed cause it doesn't with me

Yeah I'm having trubble with seeding as well. Sometimes it just won't seed, it helps sometimes if i mess around in settings. Like change up and download speed. Its really annoying I'm getting banned from my sites.Is there a help section?Eee pad honeycomb

I came to make sure it is known that the full version of the program suffers random disconnects. I use Easy Task Killer, which has helped redirect memory to TTorrent. It doesn't always help. Mine could hang just checking files, preventing my downloads or seeds to function. No upload or download progress at all.Motoroloa Atrix 1 user since March 2011