tTorrent v0.8.6


  Fixed paused bug when using mobile data connection.(introduced in v0.8.5)
  Fixed startup issue on some devices.

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I've attempted to download on wi-fi. Its not allowing me to. The search is working gps and location is off. I've changed the connection setting. 4g is the only thing that will work

Just wondering if I want to transfer something from my pc's to mobile using a torrent file, utorrent on pc ttorrent on mobile, how can I get them to connect to eachother?I added the phones ip on utorrent peer list.

You should follow this guide: you are done, you should transfer the created torrent file to the phone.

Like upt3, I am no longer able to download a torrent over wifi on my xoom.

Is your network setting Wifi Only? Does it work if you switch it to any available network?

Love this Torrent program.

i want to set listening port to 53 but it never takes. plz make it possible in next release it is important to me.thanks for ur great work.

Sorry, it is not possible to set port number below 1024 if the app has no root privileges.You can read about this here more detailed:

Hey when ussing this app on my device.. Wifi drops every 2 minutez… Please help…



Yes, you can.The full is $2.99 you can pay with paypal in the app.

Hi, looking at your features, is this client based on Azureus core or libtorrent? Are you following the GNU GPL license, where can I find the source code to this app? You know you gotta make it available. If it's not available, someone might deconstruct your APK (even if its obfuscated) and you could be in a world of legal trouble for stealing source code if they can prove you're using GPL code without releasing it under the GPL."- multiple torrent downloading, queuing- search for torrents- able to limit Upload/Download speed- magnet link support- trackerless torrent (DHT) support- RSS support(automatically download torrents published in feeds)- UPnP and NAT-PnP support- IP filtering support"all of those features sound a lot like Azureus core.

@Gubatron: No it is not Azerus core.It uses Rasterbar Software's libtorrent library,, which is released under BSD-licence. If you check the app, there is an "About libtorrent" option, where the licence is included.I know what GPL means, this is the reason why the search feature requires the transdroid search plugin installed separately, which is GPL licensed.

@tag thanks for the response, I hadn't tried the app until today, I was just judging from the description on the market.Now it makes sense that you have the search separately, a bit of a nuisance there at first for the users that are lost and which get ads that look like application buttons.Really cool app, keep the updates coming.As an UX upgrade, instead of having "Add torrents here", before installing the search app, you should probably have a button underneath there that says "Enable torrent search"What are you using for search that's GPLd and where can I see the code of your search?Thanks for responding to the comment.

nvm, about the torrent search question

Ive been using 0.8.4 and I've been getting a lot of random wifi drops. And I hear people say on here they can't use a wifi connection. Is this silk true even after reconfiguring the settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Plenty of torrents say they are corrupt now.

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This looks like the client to buy… I have one requirement however: Must run on Google TV/ Revue Set top box. I get FC on the current light version, although I did have to sideload to get it installed. Also, not sure if this is a feature, but would need to be able to set the download paths, would need to save to external USB device, vs internal storage. Thanks!

@Gentry: It is not working, because the app supports only arm cpus now, and Google TV has x86.

I friggin' love it. Been using it for about 5 months now and the updated just keep getting better! Awesome design change and still an amazing app! If it's possible, when you go to the market to dl it, if you could put a link in there to pay for the full version, I will buy it in a heartbeat. I don't have a paypal acct and don't plan on it, but I do want to purchase the full version to help support as much as I can. Also, if possible, you should include a donate link on there too and I would gladly donate to further help out. Thanks again though bro! Really awesome thing you got here!

Oops. Meant to put updates.