tTorrent v0.8.4


When a torrent is added download path can be changed. Added folder selection dialog.
Fixed not enough space error when adding an already allocated torrent.
Added random port option to preferences.
New sites as search option.
Added “Mark as downloaded” option to the rss reader.

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My paid full version of tTorrent has been capping out at about 15 kbs. I don't have a download limit set in the settings and I'm positive my internet can support faster speeds. Is there a setting I need to change to fix this?

A response would be greatly appreciated.

@phatkroger10: Sorry for the delay. Probably the traffic is filtered by the network provider. You can try to change the port number, but there is only a little chance it will help.

I have changed it various times as well as ran it on random port. It initially was very fast (near a meg), but when I came home from school it has since been slow at home and school, also. When I had the lite version it almost always maxed out at 250 kbs.

there are other things on your phone that can affect speed.. ie: internet usage, gps, watching a movie, and so on.. i use advanced task manager found in the market to turn off all unnecessary running things

I have that and have shut everything off that is unnecessary; but persists with the slow speed.

will this work with the archos G9 that has a 250 GB HD? it says in the archos website that the 250 GB version has no SD card slot. not sure if the ttorrent app requires an SD card in the SD card slot to work. I'm thinking of saving the torrent files in the 250 GB HD space. i hope to hear from you soon. wild app, broham

No, it do not requires an sdcard. It works on any device which has some kind of "external" storage. And external here means not necessarily an SD card. In short: It should work.

Hi. How do I get the "select files" dialog on a torrent that is already on the list? Tapping and holding produces a menu with only Pause|Resume, Remove, Remove and…, Force Recheck. And I want to download more files from that torrent.

It is not possible to select files in an added torrent now. But if you remove it, and re-add the same torrent, you can reselect the files you want, The already downloaded data will not be deleted.