tTorrent v0.8.3


    Fix for always visible ongoing notification bug.
    Now able to download files from torrents containing 4GB+ files on devices with fat32 sdcard.
    Improved network type handling.
    Improved port forwarding capabilities(UPnP and NAT-PnP).

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Hi Great App, but I still cant download 4gb plus files any sugestions?

@Ans Hector James: Maybe the changelog is misleading, I meant you can download 4GB< files from a torrent which contains 4GB> files. This was not possible earlier.

Is there really any way to get around that problem with minimal effort?

Hi., im a paying customer. my ttorrent was working perfectly until today. it says, ttorrent suspended? why does it say this

Hi, I am unable to download movie.. after new update..

I've paid for ttorrent and it's been working great until the update. My at&t phone will not allow me to update the torrent search app. It says it ain't allow me to install apps outside the market.

@Mattbeta: Unfortunately we can't do much about this, slideloading apps is not allowed on your phone, and transdroid search was removed from the market. You can use your browser to find the torrent files.

hi. what seems to be the problem if ttorent keeps on restarting (rechecks all files again after awhile)? tia.

@Tim: This happens when the app crashes for some reason. If a crash report dialog appears, please add some comments, and submit it, so I can check what the problem could be.One common reason for this is if there is not enough free memory.

Hello,I recently downloaded tTorrent lite for my Motorola Photon. For some reason my movies aren't downloading… I'm a newbie when it comes to torrents. ANY HELP????Thanks

I switched my device and my serial wont work. Paypal email is [email protected] contact email is [email protected] this happened once before and you corrected it

Awesome apk. Been using since around v0.6. My only hope is that a tablet version will be coming out sometime soon.

i have the same issue as brandon, I bought a new phone today and it wont work anymore :([email protected] paypal/contact email

App keeps crashing restarting and crashing again HTC sensation how to fix this? seems to be since update can I possibly roll back? reply

Hi TTorrent keeps restarting for me too.