tTorrent v0.7.0


  File selection support in torrent files.
  Added context menu option to pause torrents.
  Downloaded media is added to the device’s media library.
  Fixed free space issue on devices with 2 sdcard.

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Really appreciate all the hard work!Feature request: Unless I'm missing it, having the ability to modify the download file list after starting a torrent would be clutch.

How the heck can I control the download/upload speeds? I don't get it it I haven't been able to find any menu, all I see is the download status report (percentage etc.). Help anyone? I am using a xoom.

@richard – it's in the app's settingsFeature request: a blocklist like you see in Transmission and most other BT clients would be great. Also would be great to be able to "prioritize" files.

I was downloading and my internet went down .. Once the connection was up, the download stopped.. I tried to pause & resume, but no luck..

I had to restart the app to get it working ..

Is it possible to add support for or other sites where you have to log in? Its a little bit harder now since I have to open a browser and then find the saved torrent file. Great app though

Hey.. great app. Thanks for the good effortskeeping it up.Loving it. Using the lite version. On my honeycomb tablet. Any reason why it crashes in the middle of downloading or seeding!when I start it up again it starts rechecking files all over again. A bit annoying when waiting for the download impatiently.Even thaugh, rate it as a 5 star.

Great app but why a 2gb file size limit?

Thanks for a great app. I've been using the Lite version for a while and decided to upgrade. However now my download speed will reach 1mb/s then the program drops(other apps maintain stability) all the peers and starts over at 1b/s. It jumps like this up and down making it useless. I'm forced to activate the 250kb limit in the options, making the purchase worthless :(. Please help with a solution as soon as possible.

Hi, great torrent client. The only thing that I would love to see is encryption. I have big problems with my ISP throttling downloads.