Upcoming payment method change


Thank you all for the positive response about the app. I have received lot of bug reports, feature requests, but thebiggest problem was the method of purchasing tTorrent.
Some users suggested to me to have a look at the payment method of Launcher Pro. It is simple, and everyone can buy the app with a paypal account, or with a credit/debit card and an email address. I will take this way in the next version, which is coming in 1-2 weeks.
How it will work exactly?
1. You decide to buy the app.
2. You select the Buy the full version option in tTorrent.
3. This will open up a paypal checkout page in the browser.
4. After the paypal transaction completes, you will receive a mail with a serial number automatically. You can unlock the app with this. There will be an unlock link in the mail, you can unlock only with one tap if you are reading the mail using the phone.

The serial number will depend on your android id, if you change phone in the future, you can contact me for a new serial.
This also means, there will be no further updates on SlideMe tTorrent paid app. Of course existing costumers can migrate freely to this new license scheme, I will provide the instructions when the next release is out.

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why not payment? retry..try

please let me know when will be this new option of payment . My email:[email protected]

Thanks! This sounds great @tag

What about tablets that don't have an imei number?

Sorry for the confusion. I am planning to use the Android ID, not the device id, I have corrected it. The android ID is available on tablets too.http://developer.android.com/reference/android/provider/Settings.Secure.html#ANDROID_ID

Will it be also available in Korea where I live.

If paypal is available in your Country, you will be able to buy the full version.

I just updated to the new version and went to paypal and paid for the full version and never got my key via email. Hopefully we can get this worked out. I love the lite version and look forward to the full. Thanks!

Thanks for working my key problem out in a timely manner. Much appreciated. Version 0.6.0 is working great. Thanks for such a great app.

i also updated to the new version and purchased the full version, but i never received the email with the key…

Idk where to contact you, i just purchased and it said its not for this device.

I switched devices and need a new serial. Please contact me [email protected]. thank you

I have a Nook Color that would primarily be running this, and an Epic 4G that I would occasionally use. Can I use the same key for both?

@Mike: No, you can't use the same key, but you can email me for the second key, you just have to pay for one.

So just to clarify, I pay for the one and email you for the second? Or do I have to also buy the second and specify to you that it's for the second device?

Sorry for the confusion. You pay for the first one, than you write me an email with the mac address of the second device. You do not have to buy the serial for each of your device's, if you have bought one, I provide the additional ones for free. And this free thing applies also if you change you device for some reason.

Hells yeah. Thank you very much. I'll be in touch…

I just buy a upgrade key. Cannot use for my second device? (Android 2.2 tablet) ? PLEASE give me a second key. Thanks Bokkedijkstra

@boxtraenco: Drop me an email with the mac address.

I have a phone that does not take sd cards will this be a problem (HTC SENSATION XL).

I have a phone that does not take sd cards will this be a problem (HTC SENSATION XL).

I think it has a built in sdcard, tTorrent works with that too.