Lost serial emails


Note for the customers paying with paypal:
If you do not receive the serial number in 10 minutes, drop me a mail.
I am trying to fix this.
I hope it is fixed now.
Please check your spam folder, on some accounts the serial email is marked as spam.
If you did not received the serial, please write me a mail with your paypal
email address, Thanks!

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got a email it had receipt number, but no serial. Tried to put the receipt number in but it said invalid device

I have paid with paypal, but I haven't receipt a serial…

EDIT:I receipt the serial. The programm is really fast! Verry nice!

Befizedtem varom a serialt

Peti: I have checked, your serial was sent to your paypal email address at 22:00. If you did not receive it, please contact me in email. Thanks.

payment by paypal – as yet no serial – charlie dont surf

Payment made by PayPal yesterday, but no serial email received.

C6SUMMER: I cannot figure out your paypal email from your nickname, so please drop me a mail.

payment by paypal – as yet no serial

Akira: Now I have sent your serial to your paypal email address.

I bought the full version about 15-20 mins ago and still haven't recieved my serial number

JJFZ: Please provide some information, I am not able to find your transaction without information.

It was a paypal purchase…..trans id 21x19657sj122123s

JJFZ: Please write me a mail ttorrent.android at gmail.com.

I have received the email, but when I try to put in the serial, it doesn't allow me to select okay. What should I do?

@d: the format of the code in the textbox should be:XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.You have to enter the "-" signs.

I got the email after purchase. But the "key for ttorrent" is only 13 letters/numbers? Not enough to fill in the blanks…

@Ryan: Please drop me a mail(ttorrent.android at gmail.com), I need some details to find your transaction. Thanks.

Tag, sorry if this is in the wrong place but can't see how else to email you. Could you please tell me how to delete downloads from my SD card as it has very limited space (HTC Desire)? Much appreciated!

If you want to delete a download, just long tap on an item, and press delete.If you want to delete files downloaded earlier, and you have removed them from ttorrent, use some filebrowser to delete the files from /sdcard/torrent.

Thanks, I thought I'd tried that already and it didn't work but it did this time…! Great app btw, works like a dream.

I have the full version and my serial number, but I can't find your email to send it to you. Pplease send me an email so I can respond with my serial [email protected]

Redownloaded the program on the same device after a semi-brick/format and now my serial says its for a different device, what should i do? [email protected]

[email protected] purchased via paypal. No serial yet. Been a few hours now. Checked spam as well, not there. Can't find an email for you. Thanks.

Hiis there a way to pay using some other service since pay-pall is not supported in my country? Would really like to pay for a serial number. [email protected]

I paid for the program using paypal, [email protected], and only received a receipt with no serial number. Could you please sent the serial number to [email protected]

Had to reinstall and lost my serial in the process – my paypal email is [email protected]

Really good app many thanks

Paid thru paypal, but unlock code not received. paypal id [email protected]

@Nitin: The serial was sent to [email protected]. Please contact me on ttorrent.android at gmail.com, or provide another email, where I should forward the mail.

Restored my device and I can't find my old serial email. Can you respond to [email protected]

hey i redid my device and i dont have my serial for t torrent anymore could you send me an email [email protected]

Purchased a couple days ago anc ive sent a couple emails to your google address. Still no serial number. Is there a better way to reach you?

I have my old serial but I guess its device oriented. My email is [email protected]. My Sprint EVO broke can I get a new one?

Few months ago on my old device purchased serial number. Now I have my new device but cant find that email.Mike [email protected] [email protected]

I have sent emails requesting serial for my new device but no reply. chandan.a****[email protected]