Instructions for existing SlideME costumers


If you downloaded tTorrent Full from SlideME, please do the following to upgrade it to the new license scheme without any additional cost.
Please write me an email with your tTorrent Full key, which you have received from SlideME when purchasing the app(If you have deleted this email, i need the purchase date, and your SlideME account name), and provide me your Wifi Mac address(from version 0.6.3 this is preferred) or Android ID(use app named “Android Device ID”). Check the device id carefully, because the serial won’t work, if you make a typo here.
If I get these, then I will provide you with a serial number to unlock the new version of tTorrent.
Download the new free version from SlideME, and unlock it with your serial.

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And to what address to we send this email?

You can find the address in the app.

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@Robs: Everybody can find the email address in the app, and on the market, please do not feed the spam generators. Thanks.

I don't think most of your Slideme customers know about this change…I sure didn't. Was having a bunch of problems crop up, so decided to visit the forum and see what's up. That's how I found this announcement. You ought to send an alert to all your paying customers, so they won't be left out in the cold, leaving them with bad thoughts about this app.

I have updated the full app's description, but I don't own the email addresses of my SlideME customers. I also would like to tell them this in email, but I am not able to do this, sorry.

I just searched Slideme apps catalog for "Android Device ID"…no such thing. Now what do I do?

BTW, I never received a "tTorrent Full key"…the app just downloaded, and I installed. I always save passwords etc. to my database, whenever necessary, I'm very good with security. Though I did have a problem for a few days: couldn't pay for the app no matter how many times I tried. Slideme support claimed it was probably a problem with my bank account. But I called them and found out there was no problem from the bank's end. Further communication with Slideme support…they didn't know what the problem was…but in a few days I finally was able to purchase your app, and install it. (Though Slideme support said they had no idea what the problem was, and why it cleared up.) I /suspect/ that Slideme covered their tracks (did not want to admit a glitch from their service), so manually processed my order so I /could/ pay and download. And that would explain why I didn't receive a key.No one's answered my query yet, about this "Android Device ID" which I gather is /not/ my device's serial number, or Android's version number…or you would have just said that.This is a royal pain…I only got your app a few weeks ago, and now this hassle? I sincerely doubt anyone who purchased it through Slideme will be able to upgrade for free, as you claim.I just closed my account with Slideme…I think they are very unprofessional, and I'm worried about security issues they may have. Now, the first app I purchase, tTorrent, suddenly pulls this on me. And I have no way of doing this upgrade.This is a headache and a half. I will make a point of /not/ using any of your apps, nor recommend them to anyone else. "Community" works both ways, you know. Good luck. You're gonna need it. Lot's of it.

tag: Robs was asking a reasonable question. But you rudely brushed him off, giving just a hint that he can get the email from inside the app. Well, he still may not find it, 'cause it's far from obvious. Is this an IQ test, or don't you want to keep folks using the app? You could easily have told him go to the app's menu, then "more", then "help". Still, he won't see the address…for he needs to then scroll all the way to the bottom.Well, this is my last post here; I'm through w/Slideme and tTorrent, anyway.

Zeke: I do not know, if you will read this. I know that this payment method switch sucks, but I had to do it, because there were lot of complain about SlideME from my users, as you have also. And as I said, I provide every SlidME customer the new serial key, their SlideME account name is enough for me. And I already did this for many users, who have contacted me.

i'm still waiting on my new serial can you please email me. i have emailed the requested info a cpl weeks ago slide me id is xtremeist thanks for the help

I emailed the address in the app and it came back undelivered due to that email doesn't exist….please help me find the email address

Trey: The address is at have found you on SlideME based on your username, but I cannot contact you, please share your contact info.

How can i save my ttorent files to my phones memory instead of sdcard memory /sdcard/torrent??